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An essay is a kind of essay that everyone wrote at school. Perhaps the most difficult thing in this type of paper is the originality of ideas and thoughts. As a rule, teachers require completely original paper. An author who writes an essay shows his logic and ability to properly present information. In most cases, the writing style of this kind of independent work is more conversational.

How to write an essay: features of the essay

Before you start writing an essay, you need to familiarize yourself with the specific features of this type of independent paper. The key features of the essay are:

  • The structure of the essay is based on a rather narrow topic that touches on certain issues and encourages the reader to think.
  • Unlike an essay, which should be as objective as possible, an essay should express the subjective position of the author. A person who writes essays should, in an approximation to colloquial form, share his attitude to a particular issue.
  • The style of narration – close to the spoken. The author of the essay should try to avoid complicated formulations and overly long sentences. To give the text the correct emotional color, it is better to bet on short and simple sentences.
  • The analytical approach. The author should not only express his opinion, but also argue his position, based on factual material.
  • There is no official restriction on the size of the text, but there is an unwritten rule according to which the essay should be short.
  • Free build. There is no framework under which to try on an essay. The author himself or herself determines the order of presentation, starting from his or her own logic and facts.
  • The logic of presentation. The text should have internal unity, and be consistent with all the statements of the author.
  • The main distinguishing feature of the essay is a special style of storytelling, the main purpose of which is to make the reader think about a particular problem. The author does not impose his or her point of view on anyone, but only invites the reader to read it more carefully.

How to write an a essay in college?

To write a good essay, it is important to know and understand all the features of the genre. An interesting essay can only be created if all the principles and recommendations below are followed.

Typically, teachers provide students with a choice of a list of topics from which you need to choose only one. But, in some universities, only a general direction is given, and students must independently choose a suitable topic. In order to choose the right topic, you first need to determine which audience the essay should be designed for. It can be teachers, a scientific commission or employers. In the case of teachers, it is important to determine in advance by what criteria the text will be evaluated. The author must be competent in the chosen topic, and with the help of the text demonstrate to the tester such qualities as originality, literacy and professionalism. If the teacher nevertheless provided a list of topics, then it is better to choose the one in which you have certain knowledge, and which seems most interesting to you. If the role of the inspector is performed by the employer, then the author of the essay in the text should reflect such qualities as sincerity, humanity, as well as personality.

How does work on an essay begin?

Often people who have enough eloquence and are able to express their thoughts well do not know where to start the essay. Too long deliberation of the beginning weakens the author’s enthusiasm and overshadows the process of creative work. How to start an essay:

  • Before you start writing an essay, you need to formulate an idea, determine the main purpose of the written work and select quality sources.
  • You can use the technique of freeriding, that is, free writing. The essence of the method is to describe all the thoughts that come to mind, while not following the grammar and punctuation. This method is often used by writers who cannot overcome the creative crisis.
  • No need to focus on the introductory part. You can immediately start writing the main part, and only then, with a clear understanding of the main idea of ​​the essay, write an introduction.
  • Some experts recommend starting the essay with a question that will be answered in the text.

Recommendations for the essay:

It is worth noting that, without exception, the rules for writing essays are recommendatory, and they do not have to be followed. Below are tips to help you create a quality essay:

  • In the process of writing an essay, it is important to alternate between short and long sentences. This allows you to make the text more dynamic and readable.
  • It is better to avoid the use of incomprehensible words, as well as complex speech turns. This is especially true of words and expressions, the meaning of which the author does not know.
  • It is advisable to minimize the use of common phrases.

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